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The tank melting systems IDM-GP, available in 6, 9 and 12 liters tank volume, have been designed in order to provide the customer with the most optimal value-for-money.
The hot melt systems IDM-GP ensure efficient and precise adhesive dosing, through the installation of gear pumps of different flow rates, accordingly the customer’s production demands (pumps available from 0.8 up to 10 cc/rev.).
This is a range of systems provided with new optimized design, granting simplicity and functionality at the best competitive price.


On the rear part of IDM-GP systems, Idealtech has installed a manifold equipped with:

– High flow filter to hold possible impurities present in the adhesive, avoiding the contamination of the equipment (heated hoses and application heads). The 100 mesh filtering cartridge is easy and quick to be replaced during maintenance operations.
– Pressure control valve in order to ensure a constant pressure during the adhesive dispensing, getting the excess Hot Melt recirculate into the tank.