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The hot melt gluers of the IDEAL MELT series are particularly suitable where production requires low glue consumption.

It guarantees a fast learning of use thanks to its simple programming. The strong point of the product is certainly represented by the quality/price ratio: in fact, an excellent constructive and applicative level is ensured, but at contained and interesting costs.


The IDEAL MELT glue applicators are also available in two different versions characterized by different tank capacities (5 and 12 Kg). Their modularity makes them suitable for satisfying a wide range of application needs, which range over different sectors of the industry, including, in particular, the packaging and graphics sectors.

The applicator has been designed to allow easy assembly and maintenance, as well as quick accessibility to all the primary components of the gluer. The control keyboard of the system can be remotely located near the operator to allow the control of all the main functions. It is also possible to interface the gluer with the main line through Modbus/RS485 communication.