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The hot melt adhesive applicators of the AssyLine series are easy to use, with a modular structure, designed to optimize production cycles and reduce operating costs. Robust and flexible, they offer extreme accessibility to all primary components, making normal maintenance operations quick and easy. Thanks to their characteristics, they can be installed on any production line.


The Assy Line applicators can be supplied with one or two gear pumps, which combined with the control unit with digital speed control allow a constant application, without flow rate variation during the adhesive dispensing, thus maintaining the desired weight even in conditions of variable product speed. The temperature control is carried out by means of a dedicated microprocessor or by specific customized boards. Each zone is independently controlled with an accuracy of ± 1 degree. Safety against over-temperatures is guaranteed by a safety thermostat.
The control keyboard of the system can be remotely placed near the operator to allow the control of all the main functions. It is also possible to interface the gluer with the main line through Modbus/RS485 communication.