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Compatible spare parts for hot melt applicators


For the maximum versatility and precision in the application, great importance has the accessories that must guarantee high quality and reliability. The quantity of adhesive dispensed by the guns depends on the pressure of the adhesive and the diameter of the nozzle hole.
For this reason, Idealtech provides the customer with a wide range of nozzles able to satisfy every different production requirement. Standard nozzles, specific nozzles for applications requiring extreme precision and special nozzles made to order are available.


    The filter inserted in the applicator gun guarantees a constant and precise delivery of the adhesive over time, as all impurities are retained inside it. Stainless steel or sintered bronze filters are available, as well as internal or external to the gun. The gun filter can also be integrated or external to the gun body. It prevents obstructions from reaching the spray nozzle. It can be easily cleaned or replaced without disconnecting the hose from the gun.


      The spray module of the ID 100 series characterizes the application of the adhesive guaranteeing the absolute absence of filaments or drippings during the application phase. Thanks to the reduced overall dimensions, it is also possible to place it easily, even on machines with very limited space. On each module it is possible to mount various types of nozzles, through which it is possible to perform glue dots or stretches.