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accessori compatibili

accessori compatibili


accessori compatibili


Idealtech Compatible Spare Parts (Nozzles, Filters & Modules) 

The adhesive quantity distributed through the jetting heads depends mainly on the adhesive pressure so as on the hole diameter of the nozzle. Our wide range of nozzles is able to satisfy every productive requirements, offering both standard nozzles and also special nozzles for specific applications which require extreme precision.

The filter, fitted inside the jetting heads, ensures a constant and precise distribution of the adhesive, also through the years, because all impurities which can be present in the adhesive are held back inside it.

  • Filters are available in stainless steel and bronze version; they can be fitted internally or externally the body of the head, preventing also nozzles from possible obstructions.

  • Filters cleaning and replacement can be easily carried out through simple operations.


Modules characterize the adhesive application, ensuring the absence of filaments and drops. Thanks to their contained dimensions, they are easy to fit even on systems/equipment which present limited operating spaces.