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Idealtech Assy Line

ID Assy Line Systems have been designed to ensure an efficient optimization of the productive cycles, cutting off the costs. Sturdy, flexible and with modular structure, Assy Line Systems offer an extreme accessibility to all primary components, making easier and rapid ordinary operations both for installation and for maintenance.

    Operator panel                                 Pump                                   Hot melt coated with TEFLON


The Assy Line Systems can be provided with one or two pumps, which enable a constant adhesive application without any flow variations during the adhesive dosing phase. This is possible by means of a speed digital controller, which enables to maintain the adhesive basis weight desired, even when the speed of the product to melt is changeable. The high flow stainless steel filter is fitted on the output of every pump in order to block completely all impurities which could be present inside the adhesive, preventing the hoses and nozzles from becoming blocked.

The temperature control is carried out by means of a microprocessor and specific personalized electrical systems. Each heating zone is independently controlled with precision +/- 1 degree. The safety against overheating is ensured by a safety thermostat.

The keyboard of the system can be handled close to the operator to enable the control of the main operations, interfacing the system through a Modbus/RS 485 interface.